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Sobre: This product not only has the characteristics of amino acids, but also has the characteristics of complete nutrients, high content and so on. it can be used in food processing,  pharmaceutical production, beauty and health care and cosmetics industry.
Enhance immunity.
Supply high quality protein.
Increase your muscles.
Reduce fat accumulation.
Protein is the most important  nutrient to ensure the health of the body. it is necessary to maintain and repair the growth of the body and cells. it not only affects the growth of the body tissue such as muscle,
It is also involved in  the production of hormones, the maintenance of immune function, the transport of other nutrients and oxygen, hemoglobin production, blood coagulation and so on.
The average mental worker  needs 0.8 ~ 1.0 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day, and the amount of protein powder for high-intensity athletes and bodybuilders is 2 to 3 times that of them. Because high-intensity exercise destroys muscle  cells to varying degrees,
The decomposition of muscle  protein and the timely supplement of protein can reduce the destruction of muscle tissue, promote the synthesis of protein, and even recover in excess, so that the muscle can be increased and the strength can be improved.
The traditional way to  supplement protein by eating meat is often to eat too much fat, resulting in increased body fat, and even affect cardiovascular health.
Children in growth and  development need a lot of protein to meet the needs of physical development, while pregnant women need a lot of protein to produce red blood cells and fetal development.
The traditional way of  making up big fish and big meat often allows many women to still poop after giving birth, because they also replenish a lot of fat as well as protein.
Patients who have recovered from surgery and serious illness also need a lot of protein to promote recovery and improve immunity.Amino Acid Made in China

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