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Indoor Trampoline
1. Trampoline park:
Trampoline park is more and more welcomed by kids and adults, it’s exciting and challenging, especially can meet demands of “cool” for teenagers and the young.
Trampoline park have various kinds of activities: like the Free jumping area, the F foam pit, Dodge-ball, Volley ball, professional trampoline, basketball slam, Pyramid area NINJA and more!
Free jumping: When you jump at the mat,it is funny and interesting,which can make you fell like you are flying. We can do yoga and gymnastics inside. It's helpful to promote people's metabolism and prevent adiposity.
Foam pit zone: Jumping, air turning, and dropping into the sponge pool, it's a cool way for trampoline show. It makes players full enjoy the excitement when they drop in the sponge pool.
Dodge-ball :Dodgeball is a famous team game, and middle dodgeball area is the boundary for 2 teams to play game, it needs team cooperation more than your personal strength and skills, so you need to ask more teammate to help you win the game.
Indoor trampoline:
Material: steel square pipe ,PVC, Sponge, wood
Size(CM): L4000*W2800 *H320cm
Apply for :Shopping mall ,supermarket, fitness center
Suitable age:4 years old-adult
Indoor trampoline top view
How to do an interesting indoor trampoline project?
Cowboy will let you know all the information and details!
We have the communication to make the project,here sharing you the progress:
1) .For trampoline park project, we need the exactly measurement details. This part we need to confirm the CAD drawing, height details.
2).Plan & Discuss:
According to customers requests and our design & engineer team’s experience to make the drawing. A brand new design for customized indoor trampoline
3). Quotation:
All kinds of soft customized indoor trampoline we quote according to the final design which already confirmed.
Confirm contract and the 30% advance then we could start produce. Normally we take about 10 days for a soft playground like 200 square meter.
Cowboy material photos:
Cowboy Indoor trampoline structure:
Cowboy manufacturer:China Trampoline Park

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