Customized Titanium Alloy Casting

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Established in 1957, Shenyang Research Institute of Foundry Co., Ltd (SRIF) is a nationally recognized foundry institute in China and subsidiary of China Academy of Machinery Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd. under the SASAC.
SRIF is engaged in the R&D, promotion and production of new foundry materials, processes, techniques and equipment. Our research covers metal, non-metal, synthetic and compound materials, precision forming, special processes, computer application, green foundry technology, intelligent manufacturing technology, and production technology of premium castings.
SRIF specializes in the production of special steel castings, electro-slag remelting castings, aluminum alloy castings, magnesium alloy castings, titanium alloy castings, copper alloy castings, foundry materials, and foundry equipments. Our high-quality castings are widely applied in the development of airspace and aerospace equipment, and construction of hydraulic power stations at home and abroad. We boast a complete range of quality management systems.
SRIF consists of a headquarters and two large production bases. There are 460 employees at SRIF including over 200 technical staffers, 133 researchers and senior engineers, 96 doctors and masters, together with a number of foundry academic leaders. Since establishment, SRIF has undertaken important national research projects in commercial industries, and made more than 700 achievements including 62 patents of invention.
There are many authoritative organizations associated with SRIF, such as State Key Laboratory of Light Alloy Casting Technology for High-end Equipment, Foundry Institution of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society, and Supervision and Inspection Center of Molding Materials and Important Castings of Machinery Industry.Customized Titanium Alloy Casting

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