5052 H32 H34 Aluminum Sheet suppliers

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6 semi-continuous casting production line,10 continuous casting and rolling production line,7 cold rolling mill,professional R&D team,all these make stable and high quality.Great great thanks for the mature team of XF family,so that we can provide the best service to our clients.
At the start,we serve customers in a small radius of Jinan City,and now we have 10 years exporting experience and exported to more than 25 countries in the world.

We are proud that we can serve the products meet your demands.Sincerely hope that you are here with us on the way to become more excellent.And warmly welcome to come to visit our company,to find that we do be a good supplier.

Thanks for the customers we worked with,thanks for the opportunity to work with you.

XF president--William Tong

Now you will find that XF is a leading manufacture and distributor in the international market as well as the domestic metals industry.Soon you will find that you are cooperating with a super factory! We have been moving forward with our dreams.
5052 H32 H34 Aluminum Sheet suppliers

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