Geared Flow Dividers With Relief Valve price

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Product Description
We provide hydraulic systems, hydraulic power pack, hydraulic parts(pumps, valves, motors, cylinders, accumulators and other accessories), pneumatic products (valves, cylinders, fittings and other accessories).We also provide hydraulic system design and technical consulting.
1.More accurate: accuracy tolerance: ±1.5 ~ 2.5%( collecting valve: ± 4 ~ 5%),
2.More efficient, is not sensitive to oil viscosity, strong ability to resist pollution.
3.UD, UW, UL, UG series gear flow dividers divide a flow into as many as twelve portions.
4.The division ratios are constant and are unaffected by the loads at the actuators.
5.They can be used to provide synchronised movement of unequally loaded cylinders.
Technical Details
Synchronization Accuracy±1.5~2.5%
MaterialCast Iron/cast aluminum
MediumHydraulic oil
Pressure100-280 bar
CertificateISO9000; CE
Typical application
1.Multiple control oil cylinder or motor as a balancing device.
2.As the flow distribution device, distribute the pump output flow according to system requirements.
3.As supercharging device, make one of an outlet pressure of shunt exceeds the output pressure of the pump.
No matter how harsh the application environment is, our products can be perfectly harnessed.
Selection table
TypeSingle displacement(ml/r)Pressure(bar)Rotating speed(r/min)
Working pressurePeak pressureMinimumMaximum
Our company
Jinan Hai Rui Te Mechanical Co.,Ltd is a high-tech enterprise, specializing in R & D and manufacture of various fluid power machinery and pneumatic power tools products, a number of national patent technology. Companies rely on high-quality talent team, continuous innovation, to provide users with high-quality products and professional technical advice. “Excellence” is especially sharp in the manufacturing process of the sea always adhere to the principle, the use of the production of world-class advanced production equipment and sophisticated detection equipment, high precision, ensuring the quality of the product. Geared Flow Dividers With Relief Valve price

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